Monday, January 30, 2006

"Where Oh where has that Elf been to"

I looked for her there
I looked for her here
I looked for her under the hemisphere
I looked in the pantry
I looked in the shed
I looked in the Bedroom
and under the bed
She's not in the bath
or washing her hair
She's not down the seashore
or in Jim's lair
She's been gone over 2 weeks
And I can't seem to find
Someone to ask
If she's falling behind

Or has she gone travelling
which if often her whim
Packed up her bags
and taken off with him ( Pardon Jim)
I know she's not home
I did ring her bell
I sent her a parcel
Not a word
to be heard

I call out her name
across that great sea
That straddles the coast of
her adopted land
that which is brimming
with the most glorous sand

I know she'll be back
when her wanders are ended
But a note from the Secretary
would not go astray
She could be voted out of office
If I have my way..

These unionists are unpredictable
you know
Just look at Bob Hawke
Now there he goes
A rich man ,now knocks round
with the toffs
I know Fran won't do this
Her hat she don't doff
and she calls no one SIR
I do like her stand
she's one of us
right down to her boots
( I couldn't find a word to rhyme with boots)

So I close off my poem in the hope
that I find ,
her back home with Jim not far behind....

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 31.1.06

Sunday, January 29, 2006

On a Theme


Words we all have heard before,
yet hollow when you judge the source …
and I'm told 'tis true
that no woman even impressed history
by behaving herself at all.

So, I think the phrase is wrong,
and should be printed now --


for the pixie within will triumph
over man's deceit
and drudgery,
but only if you have
a sense of being
found by knowing the 'S" in 'She'.
merely disguises 'sELF'.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

These elves have a sweet tooth and they were so pleased to find this beautiful garden filled with pastries and cupcake trees.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Busy Elves

Elves like to be busy and they help us out in many ways. Washing and cleaning are tasks they do well!

Monday, January 16, 2006

The elves secret hideaway

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This is the secret branch of the tree
where the elves hide away
when tired or when they have been
unusually naughty and are sent to study
the BigBook. One of the group has to repeat
five hundred times: " I must not sit at the top
of the ladder and send perfectly honorable
visitors away." The Sec and Supe.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Strong Arm Arch

Everyone loves those awesome stone arches in Utah. This is an unretouched photo of one you have probably never seen. I bring it to the elf party with a question.

What does it have to do with elfs??


Elf is Late for party! He comes on the run!

Silky at Home

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Elfs Everywhere


Ever Elf

One doesn't need look far to find an elf,
being part of 'self' and all.
Look to the dancing eyes of mirth,
a lifetime in a teardrop --
or quivering finger when reaching out,
and the faintest song ever heard
of intake breath and soul sigh,
whenever I glance at you
and praise the elf inside.

Elfing Around - Party Time with Silky

copyright Monika Roleff 2006.

Friday, January 13, 2006

More Elves coming to the Party

These elves live in a rock house, but they will join us for tea at the Tree House.
Each one has a different personality!

And join the party!

Free association while climbing

elf shelf shell shall halls hails sail sill sell self elf

Come to Silky's Place

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Trouble Bubbles

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If you wish to get rid of your troubles and pain just take a deep bubble bath and let the merry elves ride your troubles, as bubbles, far away on the wind. (addendum from the Sec and Supe: A very good method of keeping elves out of mischief.)

The chrysanthemum buggy

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One of the new elves saw the children riding in the sea and begged his big sister for a ride so she,being a clever crafty girl made him this buggy.

hidden elves

hidden elves, originally uploaded by FranSb.

Monika planted a garden where the elder elves loved to rest.

drummer elves

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When the drummer elves found the Exquisite Drap they quite forgot where they had hidden their wings. here they are deep in the snow at the Farthest Point South hunting and hoping that someone will find and return their lost pinions.

Elf seedlings sprout

elf flowers1, originally uploaded by FranSb.

When the Secretary put her seeds to soak the plants did not wait but grew tall stems each with an infant elf. When she blew upon the flowers the elves were scattered to all of your rooms. Please watch out for them and given them work for elves tend to be very mischievous if not kept busy.

The elves castle

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Castle Elfinsand is the mother house of the Lemuriian elves, born of seeds. You will find it at the far south side of the Island of the Great White Owl. It is securely guarded by sentinels on top of each of the Five Towers so tread carefully.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Realm of the Elves

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Silky, of Enid Blyton, Magic Faraway Tree fame, presides over this realm with the support of Fran Sbrochhi, the tireless secretary of Donkey Incorporated.